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In today's tough economic time, Discount Transmissions offers lower cost service with quality performance, and warranty like no other. We understand the frustrations of a transmission that does not work right. Satisfying customers is our specialty.
For more than 25 years of transmission experience your grantee a clean built transmission. With all experts ASE reliable certified technicians. Our Transmissions are not just rebuilt they are rebuilt with quality and assurance to last.

For transmission repair, contact discount transmissions for all your transmission need 24/7. Distance it not an issue. Free towing on major services performed.

We offer free road tests and under car inspections, as well as upfront written estimates before transmission repairs begin.

Choose Discount Transmission. We can handle ALL your transmission needs. Call today!


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 *Automatic Transmission Repair
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 *Manual Clutch Service Repair
 *Electric & Non-Electric Diagnosis
 *Manual Flywheel Resurfacing
 *Standard Clutch Kit Replacement
 *Rebuild/Replace CV Axels
 *Complete Driveshaft Service

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